HIPPY Austria

HIPPY Austria began in 2007 as a small pilot program in Vienna. In 2009, it was replicated in Austria’s second largest city, Graz. Just two years later, HIPPY Austria received the Austrian Integration Award and, as a result, will be establishing new sites serving some 300 families in six Federal States in 2012.

Primarily, HIPPY Austria works with immigrant families, the most disadvantagedsector of Austria’s population. In fact, most HIPPY Austria mothers have five or less years’ formal education. HIPPY Austria has attracted the attention of educators, social scientists, local politicians and organizations working with migrants, and of the media for its success in helping immigrants adjust to their new social environment. HIPPY is also recognized as a program that successfully primes children for better reading and writing skills.

HIPPY Austria has been guided by HIPPY Germany’s experience and is working with German-speaking HIPPY countries on developing the HIPPY curriculum for Age Three.

The sites of HIPPY Austria are transregionally funded by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the European Union Integration Fund and the Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth. There is regional funding by Federal States, districts, municipalities, public and private organizations.

Wolfgang Kratky,
National Program Director
HIPPY Austria
Erlgasse 25/36
1120 Vienna
Tel. 0043 1 9438332
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