HIPPY Italy (South Tyrol)


HIPPY Italy began in 2007 in north-eastern Italy, in South Tyrol. While South Tyrol is a bi-lingual province, the mother tongue of the majority of South Tyroleans is German, so the HIPPY program is offered here in German and operates as part of the HIPPY Germany network.

Since January 2012, and under new leadership, this small HIPPY program caters for families from Morocco, Egypt, Kossovo, Croatia, Albania, Slovakia, Pakistan, and India. Many speak no German at all, or just a few words. Language is thus a critical point for the success of HIPPY in this area, and the sense of well-being of the migrant/immigrant communities who live in the isolated rural areas, in small mountain villages. On the other hand, there are other migrant/immigrant families living in small towns in the region, who speak some Italian having spent time previously in Italian speaking cities and would prefer their participation in HIPPY to be conducted in Italian. We therefore look forward to the translation of HIPPY into Italian, which will enable us to expand HIPPY’s reach and impact among a much broader audience in Italy.  


Dr. Chiara Furnari,
Program Coordinator 
Bezirksgemeinschaft Eisacktal
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Kapuzinerstraße 2
I-39042 Brixen (BZ)
Tel: +039(0)472/270415 
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