HIPPY New Zealand

Since 1990 Great Potentials Foundation has developed and introduced initiatives that have helped many socially and economically disadvantaged New Zealanders realise their potential.  In 1992 the Foundation established the HIPPY programme in New Zealand; two decades on, HIPPY is now widely seen as a valuable programme that empowers parents and develops children’s capabilities. An increase in Government funding in 2011 will enable growth from 26 HIPPY programmes working with 1400 families in low socio-economic communities to 46 programmes working with 2900 families by 2015. Each HIPPY site is supported by Great Potentials which provides oversight, governance and development in all aspects of the programme.

Jane Hall,
National Director
HIPPY New Zealand
Great Potentials
PO Box 11283
Tel: 09 3775384
Fax: 09 3775386