HIPPY’s mission derives from the following assumptions and principles:


In general… 

  • All children want to learn – and, under proper conditions, all children can learn.
  • All children mature across the same developmental areas and learning and development is multidimensional and interrelated.  
  • Parents want the best for their children.
  • Parents are their children’s first and most important teachers.
  • Parents can learn how to teach their children school readiness skills and knowledge
  • Parents can be supported and taught by other parents.
  • Children’s learning is enhanced when parents have knowledge and understanding of children’s growth and development.
  • A parent’s role as first teacher is enhanced with access to appropriate materials, techniques and consistent support.
  • Respect and acknowledgement of diversity enhance children’s and parents’ sense of belonging.
  • When parents are active in their children’s early learning, a lifelong and ongoing process of parents’ supporting their children’s education begins.
  • Programs that are integrated into a community context will better serve the families of that community.