The Home Visit

HIPPY’s key service delivery approach enables the program to reach out to parents on an individual basis where they feel most ‘at home’ – in their home. This is especially important for parents in locations lacking community services or for parents who have yet to avail themselves of community services. 

The Home Visitor  

  • brings the HIPPY curriculum into the home.
  • supports the parent, one-to-one, in transforming the home environment into a place of rich learning opportunities.
  • accords to the parent a sense of respect for her/his role and authority as the child’s primary educator. 
  • as a community member, knows the language, lives the culture, and has faced the same challenges  as the families with whom s/he works .
  • as a HIPPY parent, knows the materials, and, through weekly training, can transfer concepts and terminology to other parents.
  • receives valuable on-the-job training and support  with the goal of moving on to additional educational and professional opportunities.

The home visit is an effective, evidenced-based, cost-efficient way to bring families and educational resources together.